Friday, February 19, 2010

what is a slave?

i cannot recall where i read something along these lines, (i read quite often, sporadically is a better term for it. 99% of it is non-fiction. and these authors love to mention books by other authors, which usually get me into those books....and so on and so on...) but i read something about using the term "slave" that has shifted by everyday vocabulary slightly that i though would be interesting to share.

ultimately, calling one in the past that was enslaved a "slave" continues to rob that individual of their humanity. slavery becomes their occupation, their duty, the role, their life; their duties of survival becomes who they are. but that is not reality. they were mothers, fathers, sisters, friends, brothers, children, aunts and uncles...comedians, optimists, pessimists, teachers, caretakers, students, lovers, and heartbreakers. they were (well, ARE as well. Immokalee Workers) much more than factors the term "slave" can encompass.

comment. offer a different perspective. change your vocabulary. whatever.

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