Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Karmen Gei

i went to the Brooklyn Library to see another film today. this one was the Senegalese version of 'Carmen'. this one was called 'Karmen Gei'. i've never seen any version of Carmen before, so this was my first. and it was an amazing film.

at the end, we had a discussion about the underlying message of the film-about freedom, about freedom and love, about society, etc. questions like...when does being free with your love and your actions cross the line into being reckless? can anyone ever truly be an individual, and if so, can they ever really be free?...arose in the discussion.
all the while, i was not thinking about the underlying message of the film. i was admiring the art of the film, the selection in characters with minor beauty flaws, the art in the dance Karmen does a number of times in the film, the wardrobe, the music, the scenery in Senegal....it was all captivating.
here a clip. its the opening scene:

but it is interesting to think about. is there a such thing as an individual? from your conception until you die, you impact other people and other beings and you need other people and other beings to survive. this relates a lot to one of the main tenets of Buddhism-we are all connected. hurting your neighbor (whether that be someone in your apartment building or someone overseas)is ultimately wrong because it hurts you. we can live, especially here in the United States as if we are individuals and our lives don't impact others, but theres a neighborhood in Ghana thats filled with garbage from us (as in one other post i did today).
in the movie, Karmen was a reckless lover. she seduced women and men alike and dumped them whenever she felt like it. in the end, one of these heartbroken lovers killed her. hence conjuring up the question of whether we can ever truly be free to do what we want?

comment. think. check out the movie.

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