Tuesday, February 2, 2010


sooo....i had to do a post about on of my favorite bands ever. ever! i discovered them around the 8th grade, and loved them unconditionally. seriously, i think this band was my first love. i had their name on all of my shit...their photos in my room....ahh....good times. and their music is sooooo good...soooooo good. i think its the bass. and the lyrics from their first album were about something deep.
all this is with their albums 1-4, up to maybe The Funk Odyssey...that was mediocre. and Dynamite was just pure garbage.
the lead singer thought he could replace some of the integral members of the original Jamiroquai and recreate that magic. and he is sorely mistaken. makes me angry! this was such a good band. its a shame...
anyway, check out some of the songs i like of theirs:

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