Monday, February 22, 2010

i am the ubermensch

"'We have become pious again'-so these apostates confess; and some of them are even too cowardly to confess it.
i look into their eyes,-then i tell it to their face and to the blush on their cheeks: You are such as pray again!
But it is disgrace to pray! Not for eevryone, but for you and me and for whoever has his conscience in his head. For you it is a disgrace to pray!
You know it well: the cowardly devil in you who would like to clasp his hands and to fold his arms and to take it easier.-it was this cowardly devil who persuaded you: 'There is a God!".
Through that, however, you have become one of those who dread the light, whom light never lets rest: now you must daily thrust your head deeper into night and fog!

~Friedrich Nietzsche in 'Thus Spoke Zarathurstra'

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