Sunday, February 28, 2010

nobody talks shit about Oprah

so i needed to do a slight rant....
so i was at work (i work at a department store) and i was working as a cashier on Thursday and i was checking this woman out. right as i was informing her of her total, this guy comes up as is thumbing through his wallet full of various bills. she jokingly says something like "oh you're paying for me? haha..." and he says "oh no. ha. you've been watching Oprah too much. i'm not one of those guys..." he then goes on to talk with this woman and i about what type of men sistas really we don't know a good man when we see Oprah has tainted our minds and some shit. the woman says she doesn't really watch Oprah anyway to which he responds positively as if she's a child that gets a cookie for being obedient. i respond and say "i love Oprah. she's awesome" ( ;) i really do. she's the shit. i praise her like any typical Hindu praises Ganesh, Krishna, or Shiva....or any of their other trillion gods...).
to which he says " keep watching her and you'll end up just like her-rich, SAD and ALONE!". to which i say "how do you know she's sad? you don't know her! and anyway, she doesn't give relationship advice anymore. she's ABOVE that." which is true. Oprah and her audience have more important things to think about than how to get a man, get married, or satisfy your man. thats '80's Oprah BRUH!
then he says some more bullshit about how how he's knows i want a man that has all this money and a nice car....because apparently thats what all women want. to which i say "you don't know what kind of man i want. you don't know me. and you don't know most women so you can't make a statement like that."
blah blah....he leaves talking really loud along with this woman (who is vehemently trying to explain to him how she's not the type of woman he thinks she is. but she was wrongly under the impression that he would ever cede in being the asshole that he is and admit that, no, he does not have all women figured out).

aside from this brother making assumptions about all women being gold diggers and shallow, i was most angered by his shit talking about Oprah!! Oprah is my lord and savior Jesus Christ. she is the MESSIAH for all women!! NOBODY TALKS SHIT ABOUT OPRAH AND LIVES TO TELL ABOUT IT!! if i see this mutha in the store's a definite shanking. no question.

on a more serious note, i think what he said struck a cord because it brought up the sentiments in this video i saw on a blog.

i saw it on this blog. the woman that does and blog and i exchanged a few words, and i think she is an intelligent woman with an interesting blog, i just think she has some ideas gender relations wrong.
you'll see in the video that this man talks smack about Oprah as well. and what is it that these men have against Oprah? (you'll see my issues with this video more in detail under the comments of this video on her blog).

is it that she's one of the richest people in the Unites States and has obtained her riches without the help of a man? is it because she's not all about (like i said earlier) getting a man, keeping a man, marrying a man, satisfying a man, and popping out babies? is it because she really is happy WHILE being single? and the fact that both of these men were black probably shows more issues they have with her.
Oprah's success is a win for all black people, not just women. in being a financial powerhouse, she's given black women another face...other than that of the mammy, the singer that does a better job of shaking her ass than singing, and the welfare queen. she has raised the standards of what all black people can achieve. and in addition, her show (watch it. don't just watch tidbits of it on youtube) is one of the few shows that radiates positivity and speaks about a number of issues that others don't, such as race relations, spirituality, health issues, and womens' issues (such as Female Genital Mutilation, domestic violence, abortion, and other reproductive rights). and on top of all that, she is one of the biggest philanthropists! and she has made it to where she is without compromising her principles or her ideals (such as posing nude or half naked on some magazine cover, or biting her tongue when it comes to politics or social issues).....all while coming from less than impoverished childhood. i mean, i really don't understand what it is that someone could have against Oprah. well...aside from the fact that they may be a WEAK man that cannot handle a real woman thats strong and happy within herself.

comment. think. criticize. go pray to Oprah.

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