Monday, September 27, 2010

Michael Ray Charles

i know i might be bombarding you all with these unnerving images, but i HAVE to share this artist someone on Tumblr i follow posted a video about- Michael Ray Charles. it's interesting how i'm looking and posting about these images from the 30's, and in the process, i find this artist who seems like he's on the same page as i am as far as our visual appetites go right now.
his art is AMAZING. there is so much in it. i really like when art looks one way, and then you look at it and see something you didn't know was there, and it changes the entire aura of the piece of art. Kara Walker's art does that for me. a few of Charles' pieces are like that as well (check out the image in the top right corner with the man in the suit).

comment. think. know of any similar artists? share.

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