Thursday, September 16, 2010

Emory Douglas

so i've seen one or two of his images on the internet a few times, but today i say a book at Barnes & Nobles about all the work of Emory Douglas, famous poster artist from the 60's who chronicled the revolution from the perspective of the Panthers especially, but of all oppressed communities. he is an amazing amazing artist. his use of collage, bright colors, and text add to the subversion of it. i think many people forget that the Panthers were as much against classism as they were against racism. "the pig" was not a synonym for white people, it was the upper class, the imperialists, capitalists, racists, and anyone who supported the oppression of any group of people. these posters have so much to them.
i wish you could see the text on the smaller ones, but if you google his name, you can go the websites i got them from and enlarge them.

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