Monday, September 13, 2010

i keep seeing blog posts and articles about this new short film entitled 'Act Da Fool' directed by Harmony Korine (director of 'The Kids')for the fashion label Proenza Schouler. Clutch has an article as well as my favorite natural hair care sight, Black Girl Long Hair.
the problem i think many people have with the film is that it portrays black girls in the typical way we have been portrayed (i.e. negatively) and that it is directed by a white man for a fashion label whose designers are two white men who, like most high end fashion houses, feature 2 or 3 black girls a season in their ads or on their runways.

i personally liked the film. i thought it took black girls out of the context of the typical black girl teenager mold we're usually in an put an art as well as a poetic prose to it. you can read the rest of my comments on the websites comment area.


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