Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lost Kingdoms of Africa

a friend sent me a link to this video about the lost civilizations of Nubia. very very interesting. i think everyone; every single person should watch this. i think the majority of people on earth (black, brown, or other) believe that besides Egypt, the rest of Africa was a bunch of savages singing and dancing all day. we may have moved past the word "savage" as of recent times, but we still know nothing about these Nubian, South African, and Central African civilizations. Henry Louis Gates Jr. does a similar voyage to West Africa in his short series Wonders of the African World, and interestingly enough, this is the first i'm hearing about most of these facts and discoveries. theres iron work dating back to the 6th century in places like Chad, Nigeria, and Benin. why have i never heard about this?
anyway, watch the film. it is in 6 parts. also, check out the others he does in Benin and Zimbabwe.


  1. Lady of Mercy! This is just sooo amazing! Thanks for posting this up, I'm watching the video and have tears in my eyes because African history is so dear to me...

  2. I've made it my duty to spread these videos in as many corners of the interwebs as I can.