Sunday, December 19, 2010


so i've left my beloved city of brooklyn to come back to the south. mmm....
one of my friends said living in NYC made you feel as though you're part of something bigger. and that is so true on many levels. moving from such a vibrant and diverse city to a place with almost no diversity thats about as vibrant as a coma feels like...meh...=/. yes, i have to resort to emoticons to describe my feelings right now.
i think one of the biggest things i'll miss is living in a colored community. that probably made the most impact on me. the comfort of being in a store, a sidewalk, a bank, or subway cart in which i'm not the only person of color is....beautiful; it's a level of comfort i cannot describe. it wasn't until i was in a subway cart with nothing but black and brown folks (because my neighborhood was mainly West Indians) that the feelings of being the only black person in....almost every situation i can recall growing up...really surfaced and solidified.
bell hooks and Henry Louis Gates Jr. both talk about growing up in black communities and how it felt so good to come home from being out in their jobs or school, to come back to where you can just be you without having the weight of representing every single person that has your skin color. moving to NYC is the first time i've felt that. never once did i take that for granted.

from here there is a Bachelor's in Anthropology and a minor in Religious Studies. from here theres change that will hopefully get me employed with a job i actually enjoy. from here theres changes, which i welcome. changes like these are a great time for self evaluation; evaluating where i've been, what positive changes i've made, what i've learned from those changes, what i hope to change in the future, etc.

i will be visiting nyc maybe...7, 8....15 times a year ....just to keep myself centered.

comment. whatever. send me positive vibes.


  1. Positive vibes! It's great that your changes are working for you. Good luck with your plans!

  2. aww thanks! i don't know just yet if they're working for me. this town i've moved to is comatose. but...we'll see.