Friday, December 24, 2010

foolishness on facebook facebook inbox was recently greeted by a letter from a friend from high school "concerned" and confused about the content of my blogs (i have links to both blogs on my facebook). "do you hate white people" was the main question of the initial message, after 1 or 2 messages back and forth, i received the following message...and no link to respond...apparently the account was deleted. maybe she thought i was going to get the Black Panthers together and bomb her house. i'm posting this on here to show the type of ignorance, and the levels of denial that are still prevalent in our society. not only on racism and race relations, but on the views of what the US is doing around the world. apparently, we're taking democracy and rights, happiness, unicorns and sunshine to the middle east....not death, destruction, rape, division, and the dismantling of economic self-reliance.
next time someone comes at me with some foolish questions as if it is my job their eyes, really....i'll just link them to this blog to give them my take on it.
here's the message:
you cant convince me that people of color have been targeted in their infant mortality rate & with cancer...that is reaching
especially in the article talking about black hair products and increased risk of cancer apposed to whites.I studied cosmetology.I know what is in a relaxer.there is no natural and safe option to change the hair chemestry to restructure curl pattern in the way of a relaxer. the pH level is in the range of depilatories and drano.people should never use them oils are available non-aerosol & all natural.most hair & skin products can be made naturally.BPA and other toxins are found in MOST plastics...not just hair product containers.just like the food we eat we should always know what we are exposing ourselves to.
lack of education is a choice.we have public schools.there are many FREE outlets to find education.we are not limited to private schooling here.
incarceration rate is an individual ones circumstances MAKES someone commit a crime.they make that choice.

I have not been living in a bubble.i do believe there are racist people in our country, but i will NOT believe there is a social and economic conspiracy against people of color.

also many cultures are represented in my family,
hispanic,black and native american.My best friend who calls me sister is black and she has never made me feel like that there is some grudge between our races.I'm sure she is aware of racism in the world but it has NEVER kept her from doing anything or getting what she wanted out of life.I have never hear her one time say to me that her skin color has been a barrier to her progress.

And i can tell you've experienced racism in the south toward me by black people.. completely unwarranted...because for some reason southern black people still think that all white people are automatically racist...i am not an didnt deserve it.some people have this chip on their shoulder and its made out of some paranoia that is fed to them.

I'll have you know I love our military.our military has nothing to have shame over..we arent like the nazis exterminating a the jews.we fight wars when we feel it's necessary & we take it abroad to keep the fight of our soil.we search out the threat and stop it,we dont wait for it to come at us...just like this war.9/11 targeted american citizens of many races...not just white people.and our military is full of people of color.our enlistment is voluntary so they make the same choice to be a solidier and serve in our wars.and all the destruction that was brought to other countries we hire contractors to rebuild it,we didnt just leave it.we have started schools & job training there as well.we've tried to bring democratic votes.we've been there training thier own people with military and police training to better equip them in achieving THEIR goals for their country.

and how is it that our president is african american if white people seem to be always taking the advantage of power?he is the MOST powerful man in the united states..
[but hey maybe his white mother really isnt dead and is actually behind the scenes pushing her white people agenda into his politics?...maybe you can find a way to expose that conspiracy.]

And if this country isnt good enough for you...and you're here by "circumstance" bout you move to africa or the middle east and try and voice your concerns there?...i'm pretty sure you wont have the opportunies of expression like you have the rights to here.

These things you have said are really offensive to me & it shocks me to hear from someone i thought i once knew.By your last paragraph especially i can see now you are a racist & we cannot be friends anymore.I'm sorry to say.
yeeeaaa...absolute foolishness. i would give my response to this, but i think thats the point of this entire blog. and to clarify, my most recent facebook link was a link to an article showing the hazardous chemicals in black haircare products and one of my previous messages to her mentioned the (daunting) disparities in the rates of healthcare, poverty, etc. between people of color and whites.
comment. think. criticize.

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