Thursday, December 17, 2009

The People That Anthropologists Do Not Like to Study- Book Review

i wanted to share this really good book that i've been reading.
its entitled The People That Anthropologists Do Not Like to Study by Robert Murray.

the cover of the book looks like it was made in someone's basement, but this is a really good book. the way in which the author presents his information and the way he criticizes other anthropologists is very interesting. i hesitate to say that all these findings make sense and are "true", though, because this is one book by one author. and although his findings make sense to me doesn't mean that it is the reality of the situation.

the way he presents his findings is by saying that the cultures, the people, the "races" of people he studies are societies that most anthropologists choose not to study based on their presuppositions and possibly even racism.
for example, there is a tribe of people that live in northern Japan known as the Ainu. these are people that author says are primitive Caucasians, although they are usually classified as Japanese. he says anthropologists classify them as Japanese, for one because they have "interbred" with the Japanese, and thus look and act Japanese today, however, they were white Caucasians from the Caucasus mountains (i.e. white). he bases this conclusion on the fact that when they were first discovered by Japanese and/or western anthropologists that they had round eyes, dark brown hair, and had rituals, customs and a language unlike any other Asian language.

he insinuates that most anthropologists would rather not classify them as primitive Caucasians because it conflicts with their thoughts of Caucasians being a superior race. while i could argue on either side, i do like that he presents an alternative to the norm. even if he is wrong, i now look at possible presuppositions that anthropologists could make....and i see that as a plus.

he also goes into groups of "mixed race" peoples (i've put that in quotations because saying "mixed race" is implying that race is something that can be mixed...and u can look at my other posts to know how i feel about that...). such as Black Caucasians (blacks living in the Caucasus mountains that have been there for hundreds of years), Australoids and Aborigines (which he says are 2 different groups of people that are indigenous to Australia). he also goes into indigenous Africans with lighter skin such as Pygmies from Central Africa to prove his point that skin color does not necessarily have a correlation with climate.

yea yea...this book is full of stuff that i have never in my life heard before.
read it. buy it.

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