Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eating Once a Day?

a week or so ago, i was reading The Final Call (the newspaper for The Nation of Islam), and it had an article about eating once a day. it was an excerpt from Elijah Muhammad's book- How to Eat to Live. and it was saying that you should eat once a day, but in an attempt to ideally eat once every two or three days. reasonings behind this? because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said was told to him by the Honorable W. Fard Muhammad....and we all know that W. Fard Muhammad is God incarnate. the only individuals excluded from this "diet" are small children, the ill, and some elderly.

Muhammad says that this improves health and give you time to do other things (like pray, i'm sure...), but he does not list any sources for further information, no anecdotes (besides his own), no statistical evidence to support this, and no expert opinion on it. but then again, this is a newspaper for members of the Nation of Islam...not atheists who happen to be interested in the political aspects of the NOI.

i don't think i've ever really heard of this, but its interesting to look into. on one hand, i'm very opposed to ever being interested in it considering the level of dogma he preaches regarding this concept....however, it could actually be a good health tip. while i am non-religious, i do acknowledge that some religious ideas have been ahead of science and popular culture.

many nutritionists have cited the health benefits of fasting recently, while its been a practice in religions like Islam since the 7th century. meditation and yoga happen to be some of the best forms to attain physical health, which has been hyped in American just within the last 2 or so decades, but its been a Buddhist, Taoist, Jain, and Hindu practice since these religions/philosophies were formed. and in reference to eating once a day, buddhist monks eat once a day in the morning, along with rigorous physical activity and meditation. and they happen to be some of the healthiest people on earth that often live to be nonagenarians.

i google searched it, and all i found were a bunch of discussion boards about how to lose weight, but almost none about the health benefits. heres two i found- an article from a former Buddhist Monk

think. comment. discuss. comment.

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