Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair and Tyra Banks

so...i'm watchin the Tyra Show, and she's talking about hair with Chris Brown (promoting his latest movie Good Hair) in this episode, and i just needed to add my twenty seven cents...even though i just did a post about hair.
she's talking about extensions, weaves, wigs, tracks...and all the other shit black women put on their heads to look good....and, not too long ago she revealed her "real hair" on the show, and everyone praised her for it and she acts as if she did something revolutionary. but she's more like a semi, pseduo, diluted version of a revolution.

heres the problem.
on one hand, Tyra is different and understand that there is a problem with women and their hair, especially black women. she also realizes that she has been influential in maintaining artificial ideals of beauty, seeing as how she's one of the biggest black models in america and has had straightened hair throughout her career (theres 2 other black models on her level- Naomi Campbell and Iman- both having straightened hair). she also realizes that many women and young girls look up to her and try to emulate her hair, even while it is far from their own texture. its evident that she knows these things because she's had a number of shows about this, and she felt the need to start rocking her own hair free from tracks and clip-ins. this is something no other black woman has done or brought attention to. not even Oprah (and i FUCKIN LOVE Oprah, let me just say....).
on the other hand, its clear to me that she doesn't fully understand the reasoning behind the depths at which black women in particular go to change their hair. for one, her hair was wet when she revealed it, making it appear longer and straighter than it would be normally. and second, she continues to rock the Beyonce weave on most of her shows.

she continues to uphold the high maintenance, unrealistic, fictitious, and more importantly, eurocentric status quo. the same is for Oprah, who grew out her natural hair for 2 or 3 years, hiding it under wigs, only to have that natural hair straightened, and be praised for wearing her own hair. ??? neither weaves nor straightened hair is the hair that grew from their heads, so they're equally false.
their message that was branded on us as colonized subjects continues to be branded in the minds of little girls-that you have to look this way, opposite of what you naturally look like, to be successful/attractive/intelligent/accepted by all.

its similar to the backwardness of having a black college, while the students had parties in which the attendees were subjected to the Brown Paper Bag Test; like having a revolution that combats the racism and capitalism of the system we live in, while ignoring or trivializing the patriarchy that dominates our culture.

that is all...comment if you'd like.

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