Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Diaspora in Latin America

a post or two ago, i was discussing the rift between Africans and African Americans, and i went into detail about the diaspora. the portion about the diaspora was lacking much on non-USian people from the diaspora. i've become more informed about various situations of Blacks not only in the West Indies, South America, and Canada, but also in Europe. and really, there's Black everywhere with small communities in Asia and Australia as well. if anyone has any resources on those from the diaspora in Australia, the Middle East, Indonesia or Asia, feel free to share.

this post i wanted to talk about Latin America and those that are put in the "Latin" category. this video discusses the complexity of the term "Latino/a" and the racial ambiguity that exists in the term:

the categories in the US often times force people to choose between one or the other, when oftentimes they embody both simultaneously. "Black" and "Latino/a" is often referred to as "Afro-Latino/a", "Black Hispanic", or just "Spanish" in New York City. the political correctness of each of these terms is not to be determined by me, but some find the term "Hispanic" or "Spanish" offensive, while others see no problem with it.

many people from Central an South America embrace the African part of their culture and/or themselves, but just like any colonized people, it is devalued collectively. South America, in particular places such as Brazil have more Blacks than any country outside Africa, yet most media representations of Brazilians look like this. systemic racism and issues with self-hatred plague Afro-Latino communities just as they do all others. during the slave trade, more Africans went to South and Central America than the United States, but you would not know it looking at their media.
here are some blogs, websites, and videos about Afro-Latino/as:

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  1. having hung out with many garifuna people i can say that the population census is nothing but a list to define who is and is not white. we need to abolish it and count based on economic class. we also need to count cultural population but mke sure that has no bearing on public policy....this world sucks

  2. The Arturo schomberg [ who was AfroPuertoRican] library is a good starting place .You can go on line and join up. philly has the A Schomberg symposium, every last weekend in february at 5th and hunting st , north philly,see you there! , the fight for civil rights and reparations is now on the table for the african latino, the con game of"we- are- all- one-[white]- nation' is a lie and the legal issue for civil recognition and ecomonic and political redress[ as a african peoples] is on the table ..the african in latin american has observed the gains and black- conscious mindset of african american and compare their issues of racism and discrimination and white supremist society of south and central americas and are fired-up!