Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Diaspora in Europe

the other part of the African diaspora i spoke the least about in my previous post about Africans and African Diasporans was the diasporic community in Europe. the DynamicAfrica blog put up a number of videos on African Immigrants living in Europe which gave much insight to their lives. however, they are immigrants and don't necessarily have the same experience as those that were born from 2nd and 3rd generations in Europe. here's one of the Surprising Europe series:

i cannot say i know of many blogs or website from the diaspora in Europe, so feel free to share.

on another note, watching these series reiterated the desperate need for Black people in the diaspora, those on the continent, and those immigrating from the continent to other, especially Western nations. the transition of Africans in Europe would be so much easier if they had possibly a Black organization on their areas helping them and getting them situated. legal advice, knowledge of health clinics or doctors/physicians that do work on the side, or housing with other Black/African roommates is not something impossible. we just need the solidarity first.

comment. think. criticize.

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