Friday, May 14, 2010

Oprah is giving away a television show

so Oprah aka The Almighty has her own channel coming out soon, and she has a slot for anyone that wants their own television show. she's opened auditions on her website and will give you your own show if she...likes it, i'm guessing.
so far they have two losers wanting a traditional talk if we don't have enough of those. Jimmy Fallon has killed the traditional talk show and no talk show host is funnier than Conan O' my opinion. and someone else wants...oh....a cooking show. how original. Paula Deen butchered the little pleasure i took out of cooking shows with her artery-clogging, stroke worthy dishes (deep fried sticks of butter? c'mon now...) and exaggerated southern accent (no one really sounds like that in the south. she's probably from Canada anyway). i feel like she wants me to answer with a "YESSA MASSA!" with the way she talks....just....not right.

i'm tempted to audition. i want a travel show. hell YES.
just like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern. what more could one want than to be paid to travel and document different experiences and events on camera?!
but then again, if i'm being paid by Oprah, she would get to decide where i go, what i do, and how long i stay. i would also have to sign some sort of contract, and be expected to deliver a smile and be camera-ready even when i'm not in the mood (which would probably be rare, but still...). and my thoughts and opinions on the politics of other countries would have to be diluted, if not blatantly ignored. not to mention that i would miss out on truly valuable experiences with people from other countries that might shy away from a camera or those moments that happen when everything isn't mapped out on an itinerary.

just thinking out loud....

comment. audition. whatever.

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