Sunday, May 16, 2010


my friend Yvette sent me this video about how Arizona (aka Errorzona) wants to take ethnic studies classes out of the public school curriculum. the main video on that link is a conversation on the Anderson Cooper show between some cunt from Arizona and Michael Eric Dyson (LOVE him! love when he told the guy the CORRECT pronunciation of Paulo Freire. me and Dyson are actually dating. he's unaware of it at this time, but will know some time in the near future...), but the other 3 videos below it are interesting as well.

if i believed that the current public school curriculum was balanced (learning about all histories, cultures and peoples as opposed to just that of Europe), i might probably think that a class like this would be divisive. however, anyone that has taken the time to actually think about their public schooling, and look to what is being taught now, they would know that the "knowledge" being taught at these schools is extremely euro-centric. i talked more about that in a past post. i think this journalist best describes what is happening with this law, but anyone with at least a 2nd grade education could see that this is nothing but racism. "it teaches minorities that they're oppressed." the guy in the first video and the woman in one of the videos below it said this. with no response as to whether it is true or not. in other words, they don't want these classes teaching the truth. too much knowledge is apparently a bad thing.

this is nothing more than an assault on the realities of oppressed people; minorities; an attempt (or rather, a continuation of) to discredit, deny, and vilify the lives of those that the mainstream society would rather not think about; an attempt to deny that their histories and struggles not only took place but that they have a direct correlation to what our situation is in this country presently. and not just a correlation with the current situation of their descendants, but of this nation as a whole. slavery made this nation one of the wealthiest in the world, yet we shouldn't hear about the side of those enslaved? even today, do you know where your tomatoes come from and who picks them off the vine? and people think this is a "post-racial" society....
i'm ready RIGHT NOW for a protest. anyone know of any in the nyc area? hit me up.

i think Harriet Tubman said it best when she said: "I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves." lacking the knowledge necessary to realize that you are a member of an oppressed group of people is not a victory against racism (as these legislators would have one believe). it is ignorance.

comment. think. criticize. protest. organize.


  1. weeerd. i really appreciate this post. Harriet Tubman's quote gave me the chills because it's damn true.

    The cunt from Errorzona has clearly never read Freire. Sure, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" encourages the oppressed to take action, but these racists' in power are egotistical fucks who only know how to translate Freire's ideas into their own violent language and are so afraid that us brown folks will just TAKE their (misused)power, similarly the way they wronged us. They also know that since, for so long, we've been kept down and often lack an analysis of our history, but once we're educated we won't simply and humbly ASK for power.

    If cunt man actually understood "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" he would know that Freire teaches against enacting the oppressive ways of the oppressor to relieve oppression.

    I, too, love how M. Eric Dyson points the mispronunciation of Freire's name, because it's like he's pointing out the if Arizona wasn't so constipated and stuck on their own selective history, cunt man would ATLEAST know how to pronounce a name in another goddamn language other than English!

    keep up this critical work, sista nell!

    Love. To. You

  2. thanks for the comment sista Kuetona!