Friday, April 2, 2010


Bonobos are quite interesting animals to learn about, if you ever get the chance. Darwin probably could have come to his conclusion based on these monkeys alone. not only do they solve everything from disputes to boredom with sex (hetero and homo), they also are some (if not the only?) of the only monkeys to walk upright comfortably.
since they're so much like humans, its interesting to look at their own evolution and social structures. they are a chimpanzee, however, they are less aggressive than other chimpanzees (that were separated from Bonobos by the Amazon river a good while ago. theories suggest that since they walk upright, they have more time for contemplation, socializing, and sex, making them less aggressive). they also live in Matriarchal societies....which we all know is the ideal. ha...just kidding. no seriously.

think. comment. learn.

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