Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pieter Hugo

a while ago i saw a picture in this magazine and i wrote the name of the artist down without buying the magazine. i went home, googled him, and we've had 3 babies ever since. metaphorically, of course.

his work, mainly the set-up and the subjects are what make his art so ingenious. for one, he uses mainly African people in African rural and city atmospheres. seeing people period in this weird, eery, confusing, and sometimes sexy light is something i haven't seen done in photography or art, and add on top that his subjects are Africans? his stuff is MAD. cosmic.

and socially conscious. on you can see all his pieces. Nollywood is the most recent, and theres one about the Rwandan genocide. its heart wrenching. and i think his photography captured the abhorrence of the situation in ways that i don't think American media has captured.

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