Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'What Can the White Man Say to the Black Woman?' ~ Alice Walker

What is of use in these words I offer in memory of our common mother. And to my daughter.
What can the white man say to the black woman?
For four hundred years he ruled over the black woman’s womb.
Let us be clear. In the barracoons and along the slave shipping coasts of Africa, for more than twenty generations, it was he who dashed our babies brains out against the rocks.
What can the white man say to the black woman?
For four hundred years he determined which black woman’s children would live or die.
Let it be remembered. It was he who placed our children on the auction block in cities all across the eastern half of what is now the United States, and listened to and watched them beg for their mothers’ arms, before being sold to the highest bidder and dragged away.
What can the white man say to the black woman?
We remember that Fannie Lou Hamer, a poor sharecropper on a Mississippi plantation, was one of twenty-one children; and that on plantations across the South black women often had twelve, fifteen, twenty children. Like their enslaved mothers and grandmothers before them, these black women were sacrificed to the profit the white man could make from harnessing their bodies and their children’s bodies to the cotton gin.
What can the white man say to the black woman?
We see him lined up on Saturday nights, century after century, to make the black mother, who must sell her body to feed her children, go down on her knees to him.
Let us take note:
He has not cared for a single one of the dark children in his midst, over hundreds of years.
Where are the children of the Cherokee, my great grandmother’s people?
Where are the children of the Blackfoot?
Where are the children of the Lakota?
Of the Cheyenne?
Of the Chippewa?
Of the Iroquois?
Of the Sioux?
Of the Mandinka?
Of the Ibo?
Of the Ashanti?
Where are the children of the Slave Coast and Wounded Knee?
We do not forget the forced sterilizations and forced starvations on the reservations, here as in South Africa. Nor do we forget the smallpox-infested blankets Indian children were given by the Great White Fathers of the United States government.
What has the white man to say to the black woman?
When we have children you do everything in your power to make them feel unwanted from the moment they are born. You send them to fight and kill other dark mothers’ children around the world. You shove them onto public highways in the path of oncoming cars. You shove their heads through plate glass windows. You string them up and you string them out.
What has the white man to say to the black woman?
From the beginning, you have treated all dark children with absolute hatred.
Thirty million African children died on the way to the Americas, where nothing awaited them but endless toil and the crack of a bullwhip. They died of a lack of food, of lack of movement in the holds of ships. Of lack of friends and relatives. They died of depression, bewilderment and fear.
What has the white man to say to the black woman?
Let us look around us: Let us look at the world the white man has made for the black woman and her children.
It is a world in which the black woman is still forced to provide cheap labor, in the form of children, for the factories and on the assembly lines of the white man.
It is a world into which the white man dumps every foul, person-annulling drug he smuggles into creation.
It is a world where many of our babies die at birth, or later of malnutrition, and where many more grow up to live lives of such misery they are forced to choose death by their own hands.
What has the white man to say to the black woman, and to all women and children everywhere?
Let us consider the depletion of the ozone; let us consider homelessness and the nuclear peril; let us consider the destruction of the rain forests_in the name of the almighty hamburger. Let us consider the poisoned apples and the poisoned water and the poisoned air and the poisoned earth.
And that all of our children, because of the white man’s assault on the planet, have a possibility of death by cancer in their almost immediate future.
What has the white, male lawgiver to say to any of us? To those of us who love life too much to willingly bring more children into a world saturated with death?
Abortion, for many women, is more than an experience of suffering beyond anything most men will ever know; it is an act of mercy, and an act of self-defense.
To make abortion illegal again is to sentence millions of women and children to miserable lives and even more miserable deaths.
Given his history, in relation to us, I think the white man should be ashamed to attempt to speak for the unborn children of the black woman. To force us to have children for him to ridicule, drug and turn into killers and homeless wanderers is a testament to his hypocrisy.
What can the white man say to the black woman?
Only one thing that the black woman might hear.
Yes, indeed, the white man can say, Your children have the right to life. Therefore I will call back from the dead those 30 million who were tossed overboard during the centuries of the slave trade. And the other millions who died in my cotton fields and hanging from trees.
I will recall all those who died of broken hearts and broken spirits, under the insult of segregation.
I will raise up all the mothers who died exhausted after birthing twenty-one children to work sunup to sundown on my plantation. I will restore to full health all those who perished for lack of food, shelter, sunlight, and love; and from my inability to see them as human beings.
But I will go even further:
I will tell you, black woman, that I wish to be forgiven the sins I commit daily against you and your children. For I know that until I treat your chil dren with love, I can never be trusted by my own. Nor can I respect myself.
And I will free your children from insultingly high infant mortality rates, short life spans, horrible housing, lack of food, rampant ill health. I will liberate them from the ghetto. I will open wide the doors of all the schools and hospitals and businesses of society to your children. I will look at your children and see not a threat but a joy.
I will remove myself as an obstacle in the path that your children, against all odds, are making toward the light. I will not assassinate them for dreaming dreams and offering new visions of how to live. I will cease trying to lead your children, for I can see I have never understood where I was going. I will agree to sit quietly for a century or so, and meditate on this.
This is what the white man can say to the black woman.
We are listening.


  1. its interesting she takes an apologist point of view im sure she wrote this after her divorce to her "white" husband...but at the end of the day her baby claims to be black so it turned out great right??? either way the question for me is what are the prime motivations that cause/ed white men to see the world in the way that they did??? when we can answer that i think we will be on the right track...

      the motive are complex and simple ,power and sexual explotation within WHITE dom.power structures.

      This essay is a good basis for any discussion of the psycho-sexual dynamics of white supremist hegemony and domination[READ FRANCIS W. CRESSLING'S '' ISIS PAPERS''.Atlantic slave trade was The domination of the land [Panoptic colonialism], the people, the physical/sexual body and the genocidal mental-psyche of african people......
      SIS.Alice ran it down , its a great starting point for discussion and reorientation of perspective/[struggle against our mental oppression]..a good talking point as to why black wimin, do not go crazy over white men,as a group..
      .There is always some tv show talking about interracial dating,abt why biracial kids gotta be called black,,[,white people want their little off-spring not to have to deal with the social-political issues of blackness]..the constant 'buck'image of some blk men lusting after a blonde,and a black man/ some brothers' vocalizing lust for white women, these have all become a common joke on any tv show at any time[white male sexual context and under his definition and control never sexual dynamics in any revolutionary context],{ you gotta love the book, ''mammy,mulatto,bucks& coons by boogle } and tv never discusses african people within the historical context of the sexual exploitaion/genocide of slavery.

      The afrocentered analysis [THIRD-WORLD PRESS]of these mental-slavery dialogues are numerous. however,the dynamic of the sexual history of black women and african prisoners of war/genocide and her womb/ the'so-called slave breeder'is avoided!!the africana women in latin america is never even shown to exist and her womb populated central and south america and genesis the 'latino'.

      ,GOD-BLESS,see you soon, thank you for your response.LOVE AND PEACE FROM SISTER.HALIMACANDY FROM NORTH PHILLY.


  3. thanks so much for the good vibes!
    yes, exactly. this poem from Alice hits right to the heart of this idea that white men are the saviors of mankind, and especially the lascivious, hyper-sexual OBJECTS otherwise known as Black women. and just as you said, there are numerous films, commercials, and movies in which white men are shown saving or helping women of color from men of color, as if they are the only ones with enough civility, when the reality is that no group of people have exploited our bodies (and continue to do so-child/adult sex slavery in countries of people of color are fueled largely by white western males with the money to travel to these places and leave quickly)have been European males (and European women, to a degree). yes, Alice laid it down.
    thanks for the comment and the love!