Tuesday, July 26, 2011

inspirations from colored folk on food

lately i've been finding a bunch of videos by people of color on food. healthy food (vegan, vegetarian, etc.) and it's quite inspiring. i found this Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy & Jess on Clutch, Chef Akhi who does raw food, Breeze Harper with Sistah Vegan continues to inspire, and i found this brotha on tumblr.

it's nice to see people of color getting back to our "roots", in a sense, and seeing that our diet is a major factor in our mental well being, and our food choices are political votes, in a sense.
when we purchase food from fast food restaurants that set up shop mostly in lower-income neighborhoods, market their nutritionally vapid and poisonous food to our youth, use advertising that features people of color perpetuating stereotypes (such as "mammy"), that participate in deforestation to house the absurd amount of animals they need to maintain their businesses - we are telling them that we approve of everything they do; we are saying that we support their business. the same goes for meat corporations and grocery stores that place profit above quality and ethics. i've written a post on this a while back, and another one, so i won't go into detail of why fast food and most American food corporations basically shit on everyone, but especially people of color.

i hope more people of color will begin to understand the links between our diets and our overall lifestyles as well as our political acts. but i suppose, first, there needs to be some mad nutritional education. or rather, unlearning unhealthy eating habits.

comment. think. criticize.

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  1. Can we start by getting rid of the music on these Fast Food commercials. I don't need rap music to make me want to buy your product. I don't want your product anyway but I still don't need to hear the music.