Sunday, August 15, 2010

black folk DO travel

being a lover of travel shows, i was happily surprised to discover with Nelson George who travels to various places domestic and international and mentions some interesting things that may suit the traveler of color. most black people just don't tend to travel as much as many want to (and/or should). whether that has to do with financial limitation or fear of an unknown territory is up for debate.
many people of color like to live within the confines of what they think someone of color do or don't do ("black folk don't hike; kayak; rock climb; go to Japan; eat sushi....etc.). it may be an attempt to define a culture in a society in which our culture has been defined by typically white people or left undefined....but it's serving as yet another limitation. eventually those sentiments will turn into "black folk don't live; don't enjoy life; we just survive..."

heres somewhere i plan on travelling to (so beautiful):

check out his videos to Bejing, Rome, and Kingston.

comment. think. travel. do something outside the race box/status quo.


  1. Hey Nell Check out this brothers site

    He teaches English in Brazil.

    Also check out
    and the links to other black travel blogs she has on her page.

  2. yo Korey what up!
    you said you were gonna comment like 20 years ago!
    thanks though, i'll check them out.