Saturday, June 12, 2010


i get on a number of hair blogs (A, B, C, D for some knowledge, and 1, 2, 3, 4 for some inspiration). and the other day i was thinking about reasons i went natural and how my thoughts have changed since then.
i went natural in January 2009 mainly because i was just bored with relaxed hair. it was just dead to me. dead crap just sitting on the top of my head. plus the upkeep of constantly having to get a perm every 2 months, flat-ironing it every day, all to be left with hair that always looked limp was beginning to annoy me after....a decade or so of subjecting my hair to this treatment (or should i say, brutality).
anyway, my main influence during that time when the only image of natural hair i had was buckwheat and the bulletproof 'fros from the black power movement was an artist i found on myspace by the name of Muhsinah.
not only is Muhsinah an absolutely amazing artist.....i love love love her music....but she has ridiculous style. and her hair was unlike anything i'd ever seen. it was natural hair in styles and shapes that were completely foreign to me. and i liked it. loved it actually.

check her website out.

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