Monday, March 8, 2010

"i'm tired of whys/choking on whys/ just need a little because...because" ~Fiona Apple

do you ever find something in your ipod that you know and love, but haven't listened to in a while, and when you listen to it, it takes you back to when you played it nonstop? its like a time capsule that holds all your feelings around that time in it? Jamiroquai does that does that for me. around junior high and high school-this is what i was listening to. another artist that i love that does the same thing for me is Fiona Apple.
theres a lot of assumptions people have about her. which is probably one of the reasons i picked up her stuff around the 8th grade, but she's a genius on top of genius on top of awesomeness. she is so much more than her image could ever encompass.
just like Zero 7, her music has what seems like entire orchestras in the background; theres so many layers to her a Jackson Pollack painting.
....theres no way i can make you feel the same way i do when i hear her music. but at least i tried. heres some:

again, i would suggest watching these with your eyes closed first, then watch the video. they can be a distraction sometimes. i love the last video, though. it has Zach Galifianakis in it-one of my favorite comedians.

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